Rabu, 05 Maret 2014

Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

Vintage shoes. Listen.

Darling! Here i am, to tell you about dusty vintage shoes, ok that's un-interesting. But yeah you must see my broken rack.... 

Such mess.

 First. Bunda's wooden heels. I'm forget with the brand it is. So vintage, quirky, classicaly or whatever. Heel? Don't ask, it so high! Bunda is too tall beside me, when she wear this high heels, it sound very noisy. Yeah, this heels was made from wood. Well, you seems can't wait to see this wooden heels! Here!

See, both of second! Ok. Bunda's wedges. All. Is. Bunda's. Hahahahaha! Lol.
This wedges is too for teenagers. If you an teenager, don't try to wear this things. Too old. Too old. You'll see like a old lady, not a vintage lady. Remember. This brand is Triset. One of million best brand in the world, you can see.... of course. Check it!

Third. Whitey vintage flat shoe. Whose? Yes you know, like before, all is bunda's wardrobe. Hahahaha! This flat shoe is very suitable for you, teenagers who loved vintage or quirky things! White. Flat. Simple pattern, so cute was it is? Nino Rossi's brand! Here!

Fourth. This shoe is from my town correctly! Pure 100% leather. This brand is come from Tegal, yeah my cutie-mess town! Since my bunda was childhood, most of their products are vintage shoes. And always pure of leather, sure. What is it? Asli. Yeah their called their brand. One of the oldest brands, maybe. Letak toko ini di daerah Pagongan daerah kabupaten Tegal deh pokoknya, ask me if you don't know about this meaning. See! This is my grandma's shoe, aren't she looks cute? See it!

Fifth. Other vintage shoes my house has(?) ok, im bad in english sorry........... *accept* oh really? Thankyou! Thankyou! Oh God, why i'm so crazy? Forget it!
This my ayah's shoe! So vintage? Brown. I can't see about it brand, it has rotten. Hahaha. Ok, i'm bad on the-things-of-boys-shoe(?) pokoknya gitu ah, bego banget kan ya. Yaudah, check it out darling!

Sixth! Last! Ok, back to the top. This shoe is......... All. Is. Bunda's. AGAIN!
Vintage. So vintage. Light black I think. Decorated with beige stitching, isn't cute? Do you know about Cole? Yeah that's brand for this flat shoe. Amazing. Just see it darling!

Uh. Oh. Hm.
I'm tired.
OK. I shoul be able to keep it, because maybe tomorrow, they are no longer manufactured. I need someone too fix it. Who is that?
I'm tired, tomorrow i'll be back for school. Three days off is make my mood for school go up. Happy! God? Why? Why second of semester like we live in a heaven? School only a few times. Holiday. Holiday. Ended early. Hangout, Play-out, Hunting! Love Love Loveeeeeee. Thanks God! I love second of semester. I'm tired. By darling. This time for bathub-ing. Bye! Sincerely love, @yashifanindita